Lose the creative block with Deltek ConceptShare

ConceptShare is the cloud-based proofing platform for agencies & creative and marketing teams that helps them streamline and speed up the review and approval process.

ConceptShare enables collaboration between creative teams

ConceptShare: The leading collaboration platform for creative teams

Deliver more content, faster and at less cost by streamlining and speeding up the review and approval process in a cloud-based-system that gives you security, privacy and flexibility. 

Keep the Review Team Aligned

Create reviews with well-defined parameters, deadlines, automatic reminders and notifications

Get Clear Feedback

ConceptShare has simple, intuitive features that allow you to markup and comment directly onto an asset

Streamline the Review Cycle

Save time by ensuring that everyone is giving feedback on the most recent version of an asset

Track and Audit Process Performance

Keep a detailed history of every markup, comment, review and approval

See ConceptShare in action

Use ConceptShare for faster reviews and approval of marketing and creative work. Deliver more content, faster and at less cost.

Accelerate review cycle by

0 %

Reduce unnecessary rework by

0 %

Increase speed of delivery by as much as

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Markup, comment and collaborate

Share work securely

With clients and external reviewers to get feedback and approvals effortlessly

Comment directly on assets

And collaborate on feedback to eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth

Visually compare two versions

Side-by-side, to identify and verify changes- right down to the pixel


In real time with automatic notifications

Review and give feedback

On documents, images, audio, video, web pages and more

Accelerate the review cycle

Eliminate last minute scrambles

With clear and actionable feedback from clients and collaborators

Strict version management

To ensure everyone is reviewing the most up-to-date asset

Centralize records

Of all feedback and approvals to find what you need fast

Integrate ConceptShare

with the Project Management and DAM tools you already use

Reduce costs

With fewer iterations and less rework

Track and audit process performance

Time Stamp

Every markup, comment, review and approval to meet brand, marketing and regulatory compliance policies

Summary report

Run a summary to capture all feedback into a shareable document

Approve assets

Prove that each asset has been properly approved

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See how ConceptShare can help you deliver more content faster, and at less cost.

We never share data. We respect your privacy.

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