Ways to manage projects

Efficient Ways to Manage Projects for Agencies

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Managing projects efficiently can be quite a challenge for creative agencies. If your agency still relies on traditional project management methods, you might be familiar with the overwhelming mix of looming deadlines and increased client requests. This can leave your team feeling burnt out and stifle the creative process. If you are tired of boring project scheduling, this article is for you. We will explore innovative ways to manage projects that can transform these challenges into opportunities for growth and creativity. Keep reading to uncover dynamic strategies that can revitalize how your agency handles projects.

Ways to know if your agency is stuck in the old ways

Do any of the examples below look familiar? If your team is currently using any of them, your processes could benefit from new ways to manage projects. 

  • Long and Waterfall project timeline setup 
  • Fixed scope and long planning cycles 
  • Only top-down decision making 
  • Siloed departments  
  • Limited collaboration 
  • Heavy documentation and rigid approval processes 

Out with traditional- Why ditch the old way?

Simple: Traditional methods are stiff, making it hard to get client feedback and keep things fresh. Extensive lists of tasks and waterfall schedules are just too hard to keep up with. The inflexibility of traditional project management can hinder innovation, stifle creativity, and lead to missed opportunities in today’s rapidly evolving business world, making it increasingly outdated and less relevant than more agile methodologies. 

In with efficient Project Management- it is not Rocket Science!

Managing projects efficiently can be like juggling beanbags – flexible, collaborative, and easy to adapt to surprises (like a rogue client request). 

The Keyword for Efficient Project Management = Flexibility

  • Client high fives: Get constant client feedback to ensure you’re on the right track. Like having a spotter while you juggle, but way cooler! 
  • Faster juggling: Break down big projects into bite-sized pieces so you can see results quicker. It’s like juggling three beanbags at a time, then mastering five! 
  • Change is your friend: Things can get messy in creative work. Agile lets you adjust your plan as you go, so you can always land those beanbags! 

How to get there?

 Your team will shine on project management by leveraging tools to make your agency a juggling master! 

Software like Deltek WorkBook helps you manage your juggling act. It empowers agencies to leverage efficient methodologies effectively. Commonly, project management software provides: 

  • Streamlined Backlog Management: Prioritize tasks and features based on value, ensuring maximum impact. 
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Match team members’ skills with project needs for optimal efficiency. 
  • Making you a champion: Gain real-time insights into project progress and identify areas for improvement. 

WorkBook goes even beyond:

  •  Manage tasks and time: Deltek WorkBook allows you to create and assign tasks, track time spent on them, and set milestones, critical paths, and deadlines. This helps ensure that projects stay on track and that team members are accountable for their work. 
  • Collaboration is system standard: Deltek WorkBook provides features for sharing files, communicating with clients, and getting feedback. This helps keep clients informed and involved in the project, leading to better results. 
  • Resource transparency: Get a clear view of your team’s resources and availability. This helps you to make sure that you have the right people assigned to the right tasks and that no one is overloaded 
  • Did someone say “Integration?”: With its open API, it is easy to integrate Deltek WorkBook with a number of other software tools, such as accounting software and CRM systems. This can help to streamline your workflow and save you time.  

The Takeaway: Don't wait to revamp how your projects are managed

New and efficient ways to manage projects are the way to go for creative agencies. It’s faster, more fun, and lets you unleash your creativity! Embrace agility and transform your project delivery. Unleash your creative potential and propel your agency to new heights! (Trust us, your team will thank you!) 

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