Digital transformation in Ad agencies

How Digital Transformation Supercharges Ad Agency Profits

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Is your ad agency struggling to stay competitive and boost profits? Digital transformation is essential for agencies to stay relevant, competitive, and successful in today’s digital world. Your agency needs tools that enable your team to provide the upmost successful client experience. Your team needs tools to help them maintain an excellent customer focus approach, with concise and real-time data to help drive decisions. These tools allow your team to spend time servicing and advising, instead of chasing information.

While a lot of ad agency executives focus on client conversion, investing in cutting edge technology is what will increase your client retention. Staying ahead of the curve and proactively identifying clients’ needs will give you an edge against your competitors.

So how to know if your agency is on the right path to support and help you reach your growth vision?

Digital Transformation: What it is, what it's not and why it matters

What it IS: Streamlining workflows, leveraging data, and embracing innovation to supercharge your business. Digital transformation is a strategic shift that reshapes business processes, culture, and customer experiences.

What it’s NOT: Just buying fancy software. Digital transformation is not a one-size-fits-all solution or simply upgrading software.

Why it MATTERS: Simply put – digital transformation will empower your team to become strategic advisors. It will improve their utilization and satisfaction with what they do. Therefore your agency will deliver better results for clients, boosting your bottom line.

Does your agency need a digital transformation?

Do any of these scenarios look familiar?

  • My team relies heavily on manual tasks and paper-based processes
  • Often my project management team seems frantic and prone to miss deadlines
  • We struggle to collaborate effectively across different teams
  • We have difficulty measuring the true impact of our marketing efforts
  • Our clients are demanding more data-driven insights and reporting than we can provide
  • We struggle to attract and retain talent familiar with the latest digital trends
  • Our operations are often bottlenecked, hindering our ability to take on new clients
  • We feel stuck in a rut, struggling to increase profitability
  • We are losing clients to agencies with more modern capabilities

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above scenarios, your agency could deeply benefit from digital transformation.

Alright, we need a digital transformation. Where do we start?

Approaching the digital transformation journey in digestible parts will help your agency succeed (and help you keep your sanity through the process). The 4-steps guideline below will help you through this path.

1) Process Identification

Knowing your agency’s processes is the first and most important part of this journey. This is where you will identify what works, what doesn’t, and how to fill any existing gaps in the process. Through this step you will learn about your team members and the true champions who will support your vision and foster the importance of embracing change.

2) Listen to your team

They are the maintainers who keep your agency running. Listen to their ideas, needs and hurdles. A team-focused solution is the buy-in you will need to successfully apply a culture change.

Information gathered from steps 1 and 2 will provide you with the structure needed for the next stage: Technology.

3) Identify, research and select

As companies start and as they grow, it is easy to get trapped in the “multi-tech web”, the slow approach of creating a tech ecosystem with small tools that offer a single solution to a single need. If you are fighting against the scenarios mentioned above, the technology you need will heavily depend on your team size, your client base, your processes, your vision and lastly, your budget. Proper research is paramount to: 

  1. Ensure the tools will solve known problems.
  2. Will be simple to deploy to your team.
  3. Won’t break your bank
  4. Will grow with you.

4) Implement

Work with an SME (Subject Matter Expert) who can learn your processes, recommend the best fit technology and understands the industry. Keep in mind that no matter how big or small, any new software implementation will require good planning, structure, and time investment, to reach a successful go live. Trust us: cutting corners during this step is the most expensive decision you will make.

Breaking down your digital transformation with Deltek WorkBook

Streamlined Workflows and Efficiency

Step 1, Step 2… Delivery. Deltek WorkBook is a centralized platform that provides mapped workflows, fosters collaboration, and empowers your team to identify areas for improvement. Here’s how WorkBook can help your agency’s processes:

  • Visualize and optimize your agency’s workflows across all project stages (planning, execution, reporting). WorkBook allows custom workflows tailored to your agency, revealing inefficiencies and bottlenecks in areas like time tracking, resource allocation, and client communication. From CRM to Finance, WorkBook can be the one tool your agency needs.
  • Centralized project data offering a holistic view of project timelines, resource allocation, and project KPIs, helping you manage the profitability of your projects proactively.
  • Automate repetitive tasks to free up your team’s time for higher-value activities.

Empowered and Collaborative Teams

 Your team is the backbone of your agency, and their insight is not a one-time discussion. WorkBook helps you tap into their valuable insights with its powerful collaborative environment, where employees feel heard and empowered to contribute to the agency’s digital transformation journey.

  • Create a dedicated space within WorkBook for employees to suggest process improvements or propose new tools.
  • Facilitate open communication and encourage your team to be part of the solution project by project. Consider areas like streamlining time tracking or improving client communication within the Client Portal module.
  • Task Management: WorkBook allows assigning tasks with clear deadlines and tracking progress. This fosters transparency and helps identify areas where employees struggle or need additional support. Analyze real-time data to see if team members are overloaded or if bottlenecks exist in specific project stages.
  • Easier time tracking: Track time faster and ensure accurate billing practices. WorkBook helps your team stay on top of their time spent.

Don't get caught in the trap of endless small tools

Deltek WorkBook provides a central hub to analyze data, manage your client information and business development efforts. Get full visibility of your financials and ensure your chosen tools fit seamlessly into your existing workflows:

  • Business analytics, CRM, collaboration, task, time and expense management, project scheduling, robust project management, all integrated to a financial module: WorkBook can be your one-stop tool to help you make informed decisions.
  • Fully manage your business development cycle with an integrated CRM module, which helps convert pitches to projects, retaining all information centralized.
  • Improve client service with integrated access to project details, communication history, and key contacts, fostering stronger client relationships through data-driven insights and personalized communication strategies.
  • Budget Planning: WorkBook helps with financial planning and budgeting. Allocate resources for necessary projects, proactively identifying if third parties will be needed, based on your projects’ needs and budget constraints.
  • Scalability: WorkBook is a scalable solution that grows with your agency. This ensures your chosen technology can handle future growth and evolving needs.

In Conclusion:

Embracing digital transformation isn’t just a choice; it’s a necessity for agencies aiming to stay relevant, competitive, and profitable. As we’ve seen, the path to digital transformation requires careful planning, active involvement from team members, and the right technology partners.

With solutions like Deltek WorkBook, agencies can not only navigate this journey effectively but also emerge stronger, more efficient, and ready to deliver unparalleled value to clients. So, take on this opportunity, embrace innovation, and transform chaos into cash – because in the dynamic world of advertising, the future belongs to those who dare to evolve.

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