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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, efficient collaboration and effective feedback play a pivotal role in the success of creative agencies. While email has long served as the primary means of communication, it falls short when it comes to reviews and proofing for creative projects.  We went through some of the reasons in this article. 

The complexities of feedback loops, version control, and project management require a more specialized solution. This is where investing in a dedicated proofing tool becomes crucial for creative agencies. These tools provide a centralized platform that goes beyond the limitations of email, empowering agencies to streamline their review processes, enhance collaboration, improve productivity, and deliver high-quality work. 

The Importance of Proofing Tools

A proofing tool is a digital platform that enables agencies to manage the feedback and approval process for creative projects efficiently. These tools provide a centralized hub where stakeholders can collaborate, provide feedback, make annotations, and track revisions.   

Agencies benefit from streamlined communication, increased productivity, reduced rework, and improved project management facilitated by proofing tools. Ultimately, this leads to faster project timelines and enhanced client satisfaction. There are other benefits agencies get from implementing proofing tools such as:  

Streamlined Communication

Proofing tools foster seamless collaboration between team members, clients, and stakeholders by providing a central platform for communication, eliminating the need for scattered emails and disjointed feedback loops.  

Efficient Feedback Management

These tools simplify the feedback process, allowing stakeholders to provide clear, contextual comments directly on creative assets. This reduces miscommunication, enhances clarity, and speeds up revisions.  

Version Control and Comparison

A proofing tool enables version control, maintains an organized history of changes and facilitates easy comparison between iterations. This feature ensures transparency, easy reference, and efficient project tracking. 

Project Management Integration

Many proofing tools offer project management capabilities, allowing agencies to assign tasks, set deadlines and monitor progress within the same platform. This integration streamlines project workflows and enhances overall efficiency.  

How Disorganized Feedback Impacts the Creative Process

The creative process involves multiple iterations, revisions, and feedback loops. However, disorganized feedback can often hinder progress, leading to project delays and frustrations. A significant number of projects experience delays due to communication gaps and scattered feedback. In fact, disorganized feedback has been cited as one of the primary reasons for missed deadlines and compromised creative output.  

When it comes to proofing tools, there are several options that stand out for their exceptional features and capabilities.

The 5 Best Proofing Tools for Agencies

Deltek ConceptShare

Herramientas de revisión para agencias

Among the top proofing tools available, Deltek ConceptShare stands out as the ideal choice for agencies. Its features are tailored specifically to the needs of creative agencies, ensuring a seamless fit into their workflows. Among the many reasons agencies do better with ConceptShare are:  


  1. Intuitive Collaboration Interface: ConceptShare offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for team members and clients to navigate and provide feedback. With its clean design and straightforward functionality, ConceptShare minimizes the learning curve and ensures smooth adoption across your agency.  
  2. Robust Feedback Management: Managing feedback efficiently is crucial for productive collaboration. ConceptShare provides advanced features such as threaded comments, real-time notifications, and annotation tools, enabling stakeholders to provide clear, contextual feedback directly on the creative assets. This promotes clarity, reduces misinterpretations, and enhances collaboration efficiently.  
  3. Powerful Version Control: Version control is essential for maintaining a clear audit trail and avoiding confusion during the creative process. With ConceptShare, you get a comprehensive version history that allows users to easily track changes, compare iterations, and revert to previous versions when needed. This functionality ensures seamless collaboration and prevents the loss of valuable work.  
  4. Integrated Project Management: ConceptShare is more than just a proofing too and offers integrated project management capabilities. It enables task assignment, deadline tracking, and progress monitoring. These features empower agencies to maintain project timelines and deliver exceptional results within schedule.  
  5. Secure and Scalable Platform: ConceptShare prioritizes data security and offers a scalable cloud-based platform. With robust security measures and industry-standard protocols, ConceptShare ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your creative assets, protecting them from unauthorized access or data breaches.  

ProofHub is a tool that combines collaboration and project management capabilities. This allows agencies to easily share files, centralize feedback, and track time within a single platform. With visual project management tools like Kanban boards and Gantt charts, teams can effectively plan and monitor project progress. ProofHub also provides customizable workflows and task assignment features that streamline project workflows.  


Ziflow offers advanced annotation and markup tools, allowing stakeholders to provide precise feedback directly on creative assets. Its approval workflows and version control ensure effective project management and seamless collaboration. This tool also integrates with popular creative applications to enhance its versatility. With automated project routing and notifications, Ziflow keeps teams informed and streamlines the whole review and approval process.  


Wrike combines comprehensive project management features with proofing capabilities. The platform provides interactive dashboards for visualizing project progress and customizable workflows for task automation. Real-time editing and commenting features facilitate seamless collaboration on this centralized tool.  


ReviewStudio focuses on collaborative review and feedback processes. Its intuitive annotation tools enable precise and contextual feedback. The platform offers project organization and task management features to keep projects on track. Asset versioning and comparisons allow for efficient revisions, while automated notifications and activity tracking keep stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the process.  

Why ConceptShare

When it comes to selecting the best proofing tool for agencies, ConceptShare offers an array of benefits and features tailored specifically to meet the needs of creative teams. With ConceptShare, your agency can experience streamlined collaboration, efficient feedback management, comprehensive version control, and integrated project management functionalities. This tool is the ideal solution for agencies seeking to enhance their creative workflows and deliver exceptional results.  

To discover the power of Deltek ConceptShare firsthand, you can try it for free. By signing up, you can experience the seamless interface, robust feedback tools, version control capabilities and integrated project management features. Take advantage of this opportunity and start using ConceptShare to streamline your creative collaboration and reduce delays in your agency.  

If you’re ready to revolutionize your agency’s creative process, click here.   

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