Unleashing Efficiency & Collaboration with online proofing

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The advertising world has transformed dramatically over the past few years, with digital media taking center stage. With this shift, ad agencies are required to produce high-quality and creative content at a faster pace than ever before. To keep up with the increasing demand, ad agencies need to streamline their workflows and minimize errors in the production process. Agencies that still rely on email to send content for feedback just cannot keep up. They struggle to maintain version control when they need to factor in feedback from multiple stakeholders.  

Enter online proofing – a powerful tool designed to ensure efficiency and collaboration in the creative process. We wrote about some of the reasons your agency needs a SaaS proofing tool in 2022.

In this article, we will take a step back and discuss what online proofing is, its benefits, and why ad agencies need it. 

What is Online Proofing?

Online proofing is a process that enables teams to review, collaborate, and approve digital content within a centralized platform, often using specialized software. The proofing tool acts as a virtual workspace where designers, copywriters, project managers, and other stakeholders can share, edit, and provide feedback on digital content in real-time. 

Typically, online proofing tools support a wide range of file formats, including images, videos, PDFs, and HTML files. The software tracks revisions, organizes comments, and automates the approval process to ensure that the final output is error-free and matches the client’s requirements. By implementing an online proofing tool, ad agencies can significantly improve the overall efficiency and quality of their work. 


If your agency has been trying to approve content via email, then the benefits of online proofing are obvious. These include:  

  1. Enhanced Collaboration: One of the most significant benefits of online proofing is that it enables seamless collaboration between team members, regardless of their location. By offering a shared workspace, stakeholders can access and review the project simultaneously, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page. This real-time collaboration eliminates the need for lengthy email chains and reduces the risk of miscommunication. 
  2. Improved Efficiency: Online proofing tools streamline the entire review process, making it faster and more organized. Automated workflows, notifications, and approval processes allow team members to focus on their tasks without getting bogged down in administrative work. This increased efficiency leads to quicker project completion and a higher return on investment for clients. 
  3. Centralized Feedback: With online proofing, all feedback and revisions are stored in a single location. This not only makes it easier for team members to access and review changes, but it also provides a clear audit trail for future reference. This centralized feedback system helps prevent errors, missed deadlines, and duplicated efforts, resulting in a smoother production process. 
  4. Version Control: Online proofing tools automatically track all revisions made to a project, ensuring that team members are always working on the most up-to-date version of a file. This version control feature eliminates the risk of multiple versions floating around and causing confusion. 
  5. Enhanced Security: As the digital landscape evolves, so do the security risks associated with sharing and storing sensitive information. Online proofing tools often come equipped with robust security features, including encryption, user authentication, and role-based permissions, ensuring that confidential client data is always protected. 

Why Ad Agencies Need an Online Proofing Tool

The benefits of online proofing are already compelling, but in the fast-paced world of advertising, it’s crucial for ad agencies to stay ahead of the competition. One could argue that having an online proofing tool is just keeping up with the competition. Implementing an online proofing tool provides numerous advantages that lead to better outcomes for both the agency and its clients: 

  1. Meet Tight Deadlines: The ability to quickly review, revise, and approve digital content is critical in meeting tight deadlines. Online proofing tools enable ad agencies to move projects through the pipeline more efficiently, ensuring that they can deliver high-quality work on time. 
  2. Maintain High-Quality Deliveries: Online proofing tools help ad agencies maintain high-quality standards by streamlining the review process and providing a centralized platform for feedback. Consistent, error-free work is essential for building and maintaining a strong reputation in the industry. 
  3. Foster Better Client Relationships: A transparent and efficient review process not only results in better end products but also fosters better relationships with clients. Online proofing allows agencies to better involve clients in the review process, giving them the opportunity to provide feedback and approve content. This collaboration helps build trust and ensures that the final product aligns with the client’s expectations. 
  4. Enhance Team Collaboration: An online proofing tool provides a centralized platform that encourages team members to work together more effectively. Seamless collaboration ensures that projects move forward smoothly, and everyone’s input is valued, resulting in a more cohesive and successful final product. 
  5. Reduce Costs: Last but not least, streamlined workflows, improved efficiency, and minimized errors all contribute to cost savings for ad agencies. By reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and revisions, agencies can allocate resources more effectively and focus on delivering exceptional work for their clients. 

In today’s competitive advertising landscape, online proofing tools have become an essential component for ad agencies looking to improve their workflows, boost collaboration, and maintain high-quality standards. By adopting an online proofing tool, agencies enhance their ability to meet tight deadlines, maintain strong client relationships, and ultimately deliver superior results. As the world of advertising continues to evolve, staying ahead of the curve is more important than ever. Online proofing tools offer a valuable solution to streamline processes and improve overall efficiency, ensuring that ad agencies can consistently produce exceptional work and maintain a competitive edge in the industry. 

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