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WorkBook allows you to manage your agency better, ensure efficiency, flexibility and profitability while heading off unexpected challenges

WorkBook agency management system
Resource management in WorkBook

Manage your agency with one single app

From CRM to cash collection, manage your agency’s clients, projects, resources, and financials in WorkBook.

Improve productivity & profitability

Save money and time by planning carefully, working efficiently and anticipating delays

Manage costs

Boost productivity, optimize utilization, save time and plan your projects better with WorkBook

Successful ad agencies use workbook

WorkBook is built to fit your agency's needs

Deltek WorkBook is a smart, intuitive web-based system built by agency veterans that provides project resource and financial management insights into every project, every resource, every dollar, every minute of the day.

Get Full Visibility into Project Performance

Integrate agency operations from end-to-end, providing accurate, real-time visibility every step of the way

Manage Tasks and Time

Integrate task management and time entry so you have more time to focus on the creative process

Over 300 Standard Reports

So you can get full visibility of how your business is running on client and project profitability, employee utilization and all your agency's KPIs

21 Reporting Dimentions

So your agency can slice and dice the data according to its needs. For example, revenue by industry, department performance, etc.

Find out how WorkBook can work for you

By managing projects, people and finance, WorkBook makes it easier for you to focus on what’s important: delighting your clients with top creative work.

Project Management

Resource Management

Financial Management

CRM & Pipeline Management

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Smarter project and resource management

Simple & Flexible Scheduling

That allows you to build waterfall or agile workflows with drag 'n drop resourcing assignments.

Ensure agency wide adoption

With easy-to-use self-scheduling features, Kanban task boards and mobile time entry.

Track your Pipeline

To available resources so you can plan for freelance needs ahead of time

Streamline agency processes and get better visibility

Outmaneuver over-servicing

And avoid scope creep before it happens.

Never waste time

Easily access conversations, files and feedback stored with the project itself. Say goodbye to searching for lost notes or documents.

High Level View Of Agency Operations

Combine all of your agency operational processes from end-to-end to get a high-level view of agency operations and profitability.

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